Retail Accelerated Commerce

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Digital Transformation Accelerated for Retailers in turbulent times 

As retailers around the globe have been working diligently on digital transformation recent global turmoil has created a new situation where digital engagement with customers and online commerce are now an emergency solution.
The current crisis will show the evidence of the focus Retailers should have on their capacity to deliver a scalable business online and develop a one-to-one conversation with their customers. We thought they knew. And still!

With Retail Accelerated Commerce © , powered by BayBridgeDigital learn how leading retailers are adopting strategies that are proving to be successful in uncertain times.

Retail Accelerated Commerce © is a package crafted for retailers based on Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C, Service Cloud Digital Engagement and Bayretail 360...

Retail Accelerated Commerce © enables a seamless online shopping experience :

  • Accelerated Revenue Growth
  • Best Digital platform for retailers
  • E-commerce site live in few week
  • Accelerated Time To Value
  • All in One Solution package and fast implementation
  • Immediate Return on Investment
  • Innovative digital cost model : Pay as you Go ! 


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